We Accept Most Forms of Insurance

Simple Meds℠ works with most insurance plans, including Medicare Part D. If we aren’t enrolled in your insurance plan’s network, we’ll contact your insurance provider directly and work to become an approved pharmacy provider. Some restrictions apply (depending on the type of insurance plan).

How Do I Pay for Simple Meds?

We accept most forms of payment, whether you prefer to pay by check, credit card, debit card or ACH.

Pay Simple Meds

What should I expect around payment, costs and insurance coverage?

  • We’ll work directly with your doctors and insurance provider to dispense medications covered by your prescription insurance plan. We help you find resources to fit your budget and expectations.
  • If your prescription isn’t covered by your insurance, we offer competitive pricing on out-of-pocket prescriptions and vitamins.
  • Call us directly at 615-645-6337 with any questions or concerns about paying for Simple Meds and we’ll be happy to help you.