Will I receive safety information and instructions?

YES. With Simple Meds℠ you will receive complete information on precautions, drug interactions and side effects with each medication.

How will I receive my Simple Meds?

An entire 30-day supply is delivered directly to your home in the convenient Simple Meds dispensing box. The package is confidential to ensure your privacy.

How long does Simple Meds last?

Each Simple Meds strip will contain your medications conveniently packaged for a 30-day time period. No more than 30 days can be contained in one Simple Meds package due to required expiration dating of the Simple Meds packets. Even if your insurance will pay for more than 30 days at a time, Simple Meds cannot exceed this time duration.

How much does Simple Meds cost?

Simple Meds is no additional cost to you outside of any out-of-pocket costs for the medication.The packaging, delivery and access to a pharmacist is a part of our overall service to help you better manage your medications.

Will my prescriptions cost more?

NO. The cost of Simple Meds prescriptions are generally lower than or equal to most other retail pharmacies. Additionally, Simple Meds accepts most insurance including Medicare Part D so your co-pay should remain the same.

Will my insurance cover Simple Meds?

YES. Simple Meds accepts most prescription insurance plans, as well as Medicare Part D.The Simple Meds staff will work closely with you to complete any necessary insurance paperwork related to the medications.

What happens when I have a medication change?

Simple Meds is able to accommodate medication changes including the addition and/or removal of medication(s). Your Simple Meds pharmacist will call you prior to the start date of your next Simple Meds monthly delivery. At that time, you and your pharmacist will discuss any changes that may have occurred since your last fill date.

What if I run out of medication?

If a client has an unforeseen emergency medication need or change, the Simple Meds pharmacist is able to fill the necessary prescription overnight through a third party medication provider and the medication will be delivered to a local pharmacy.

Still have questions?

Give us a call at 615-645-MEDS. We are happy to help.